I do believe that the editing in this scene was intentional, and maybe that’s why they chose the song in the first place, because it fits perfectly with the flow of the scene. And just when Bowie sings “hot tramp, I love you so” the attention switches to Sander, like it’s Robbe who says that line. How did you start acting? wtfock wtfam willem herbots robbe ijzermans. Maandag zijn de opnames gestart van ALL OF US, de nieuwe film van scenarist-regisseur Willem Wallyn. The silence of the room that only gets broken by the music, how the song is there to intensify every single emotion, the phenomenal acting from Willem Herbots, that never leaves you in doubt about Robbe’s feeling and of course the brilliant writing of the texts between Robbe and Sander, how big of an impact those few words have on you. JANA - Femke Van der Steen. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen, er kunnen aanvullende voorwaarden van toepassing zijn.Zie de gebruiksvoorwaarden voor meer informatie. I normally don’t rewatch the individual clips, but as soon as I watched this again, I felt the tears slowly running down my cheeks, because everything about this clip is heartbreaking, a feeling I’m sure both Robbe and Sander was left with as well. Christophe Willem - Entre Nous et le Sol. But as we see in the clip, Robbe is totally fascinated, intrigued by Sander, so how could Robbe had said no, when Sander asked if he wanted to come with him. Wikipedia® is een geregistreerd handelsmerk van de Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., een organisatie zonder winstoogmerk. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "wtfock" de tiphaine sur Pinterest. Fictional Characters is screening in Chicago this weekend Chicago International Film Festival # CineYouth. It was so different from what I had been used to with SKAM and the other remakes, where it was a rare occasion to have a clip every day during the episode. I am 18 years old, I study drama here at KASK in Ghent. Even though I’ve never been to a party quite like the ones in wtFOCK, they always make me want to go to one myself, just so I can get a chance to feel the same way, as the characters do. Maybe Robbe thought that his first message would be clear enough for Sander, that it would make him understand that it was over between them, cause when Sander asks, “with what”, you can see how difficult it is for Robbe to answer that, because when he tells Sander why it’s over between them, everything is going to feel more real, everything is going to hurt so much more, as the pain in his body is going to stay even longer. His unsteady breathing blends with the melody, and his eyes are so full of emotions, even though he’s trying so hard not to get affected by the situation, but when Sander answers him, he lets out a breath he didn’t knew he was holding, trying not to break down. Christophe Willem - L'homme En Noir De Galerij Prins Willem V blijft gesloten tot 1 september in verband met het Coronavirus. He is an actor, known for wtFOCK (2018), Fictional Characters (2018) and Childhood Freedom (2019). Logout intranet Dashboard Log In Sign Up . He made sure to be there for her, to show her love and give her the care, that he knew he was capable of giving. 28 déc. View the profiles of people named Willem De Schryver. At parties, people let go of themselves, they lose who they are in the moment, while they’re dancing and having fun. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You’re all a true blessing and I’m sending you all my love! The whole situation with his mother being admitted to a hospital, which let us to know why he got involved in the flat share. Exit interviews with patients, 16, 17 and reports by physicians, 18 have been used to study alcohol-related discussions with primary care patients who screen positive for at-risk drinking, but no published study has directly observed or recorded primary care encounters with these patients. In the background, as Robbe gathers the courage to write his last words to Sander, you can hear the lyrics below, and somehow, they make the moment even more difficult to watch, as the lyrics almost seems like a goodbye. But the moment, where I think everyone’s heart got crushed was when Robbe wrote “because there is no us”, since almost everything else would have been less painful to read. SENNE - Nathan Naenen. idceljmorales21 liked this . BRITT - Lilith Pas. Willem Herbots was born on October 25, 1999. Please credit, if you use my pictures. A masterlist with all the posts (analyses) I’ve written about some of the songs wtFOCK used in season 3. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème hommes qui s'embrassent, gay mignon, amour entre homme. Maybe it’s due to the alcohol, or it’s because everyone is showing a side of themselves, they don’t normally do, because at parties people can hide who they are, or show who they really are. And once again wtFOCK is here to show us the power of close-up camera angles as they make it almost impossible for us to escape Robbe’s feeling, while also making it very difficult to not get affected by them. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don’t even know where to begin with this song, because it’s another personal favourite of mine. Featured software All software latest This Just In Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical Software Classic PC Games Software Library. The tone in the melody changes as well when Robbe sends the message to Sander, it becomes a bit deeper, where the steady and constant beat has been replaced by a more melancholic and sorrow sound, which seems fitting for the situation as it emphasizes Robbe’s emotions as well. Robbe is trying to feel something, anything towards Noor. I’ll post the first one tomorrow. I can’t help but get all excited when a party is happening in wtFOCK, because the music, in these situations, is always on point. After the first two episodes, I remember I felt a bit confused to why we hadn’t seen Sander yet (well at that point we didn’t even knew his name), but wtFOCK went with that decision, because they wanted us to get to know Robbe first, to see what this struggles were. They have been through a lot together, and even though Robbe’s childhood might not have been the easiest, they still managed to come out of it together. There’s a reason why I almost never rewatch this clip, because it breaks my heart every single time. Even in some moments he has us all convinced, that he might actually be a bit interested in her. But you can’t deny how much it adds to the scene, especially in terms of rhythm. Willem Herbots, Actor: wtFOCK. Pinned Post nothing left to ad the way i love his mind and him as a whole and the amount of respect i have for him eye his words where just so meaningfull and thoughtfull love how these picture turned out and ofc hes so goergeous and the sun shining over him thats lovely and beautiful yeahhh emo hours i just really needed that rn willem de schryver wtfock wtfam mine: my edits mb - willem de schryver for enfnts terribles. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I love party scenes, where the characters just dance to some lame-ass party song with a catchy beat or to a remix with a little too heavy base. farrfromthere liked this . Aside of that, I keep myself busy with scouts, I lead there. Fictional Characters Teaser from Ivana Noa on Vimeo.. An established named in the youth film world, the award-winning Noa is best known for her film “Feeling to Dive and Other Stories,” as well as playing the role of the young Juliet in Toneelhuis’ stage play ‘Romeo and Juliet.” Top Kodi Archive and Support File … The song means a great deal to me and I think it was a shame, that wtFOCK used it in a scene, where it didn’t have a prober chance to shine. English. 59.4k Followers, 1,086 Following, 29 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Willem De Schryver (@willem_deschryver) At lot of their songs has a certain sadness and melancholy to them, and every time I listen to any of them, I feel like crying, because they bring all my emotions out. David Bowie didn’t just play a huge role in this clip or in season 3, but also during wtFOCKDOWN and in the hiatus before it. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Willem van der Zwaan und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Once again, the choice of music is on point, if you ask me. Some of my favorite clips have been the ones with no dialogue, because they have a special atmosphere around them. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; thekeeperofthedragons liked this . Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Willem van der Zwaan und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. So, I’m really glad that wtFOCK made the decision to give Robbe and Zoë a relationship. Also, I don't know if this is 100% real, but just like Skam og, wtFock actors aren't allowed to give interviews yet. So, if you ever want to expand your music horizon, or just discover some different artists, then listen to the whole wtFOCK playlist, you can find it on Spotify. Enjoy! Met Franse ondertiteling. This part always gets to me, because every aspect of this clip seems to be in perfect harmony with each other (both the melody, the lyrics and Robbe’s emotions) as they create the right atmosphere to this moment. I see the text above as something that can be said both by Robbe and his mother. Sander made me fall in love with David Bowie, and I don’t think, that I’m the only one. There is need for greater synergy between practice needs and educational provision, with the education system showing awareness of and responding appropriately to current and future population needs. And aside of that, I have a brother and a sister and my friends and family are very important to me. The song is what makes the clip memorable for me, because it really sets the tone for the paintball match. When they’re walking down the stairs to the shore, the song switches gears and becomes more mellow. I love the parties, not just in season 3, but in all three seasons of wtFOCK and in my opinion they are way to underrated and usually forgotten. Because if you watch the full episode it’s a different song. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Do yourself a favour and listen to the song, but be careful, it’s an emotional one. Sander is singing along and just before David Bowie sings the last line of the paragraph above, the camera goes into slow-motion as it focuses on Robbe. Willem De Schryver. Willem Herbots (20) speelt de 16-jarige Robbe IJzerman in ‘wtFOCK‘.Seizoen 3 draait rond hem, zijn ontluikende homoseksualiteit, zijn romance met Sander Driesen (een geblondeerde Willem De Schryver) en mentaal welzijn.Herbots gaf een uiterst zeldzaam interview aan Femke Lippens van de Thomas More Hogeschool die met Janne Schellingen de blog #Triggered opzette. It’s more light and happy-ish, which I think sets the mood better for the next scene, where Robbe waits in Zoë’s room to figure out, if his father will agree to let him live with Zoë, Senne and Milan. Een produktie van David Mennessier, 2019. MARIE - Cassandra Krols . wtFOCK uses music in such a clever way, sometimes it almost feels like the music is a character in itself. For me episode 3 was very unexpected, so whenever a clip came out, I never knew what to except. CAMERA-ASSISTENT - Patrick Nishimwe. Zaterdag 08.44 // “Rebel, Rebel” - David Bowie. Jens and Moyo is at the front waving the red and blue flag as the rest of the group is following them - Noor and Robbe arms in arms, Sander with his arm over Britt’s shoulder. Role / Character Name Sander; Photo Added By deansalvatore; Photo Added 2019-11-01 17:32:13; About. There’s a strong bond between Robbe and his mama, and maybe it’s even stronger now that his father is no longer in the picture. Because in that moment Robbe felt something, that he hadn’t felt before. I have fallen in love with willem de schryver and I cant find any interview / PR / videos at all! It almost fades away when Jana and Jens are talking about how to divide the teams, before the song gets fully replaced during the actual paintball match. And that’s why soundtracks to movies and tv-shows are so great, because they introduce you to a totally unknown world of music. I always get the chills when I’m listening to them, almost the same chills I get, when I watch a scene with Robbe and Sander, so just imagine the power of that combination. Model Management - world modeling community. Robbe looked so happy, a bit uncertain at one point, but that feeling was covered with a huge smile and adorable laughs. JANA - Femke Van der Steen. Watching that first hang-out between Robbe and Sander felt so exciting, just like the song does, and I can’t help but get a huge smile on my face whenever I listen to it. your own Pins on Pinterest Remember that this is his first big project and everyone knows that sometimes fans can really invide the actors privacy. Facebook … AARON - Aaron Roggeman. And I can’t even begin to imagine what Sander must have felt like in that moment, when he saw Robbe’s last text, but in some ways I’m relieved I never had to, because I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to survive it, since I barely managed to watch Robbe’s reaction. View the profiles of people named Willem Schryver. Why is there literally no interview or any thing of willem de schryver being outside of character? I can picture almost every song from Cigarettes After Sex in season 3, especially in the scenes between Robbe and Sander, but also in some of the moments, where we see Robbe alone. wtfock wtfam willem de schryver this interview was so beautiful and so touching thank you so much for blessing my life with it it was exactly what i needed to hear and now i'll stop before i start to cry again. He’s lying to himself, to everyone, and while doing that, he’s hiding what he truly feels by pretending to be interested in Noor, because he does that all night. I am Willem. Aside of that, I keep myself busy with scouts, I lead there. What would Woensdag 21.21 and Maandag 11.03 be without Wildfire? Hoeveel edities van de Cannes Lions heb je al meegemaakt? It’s refreshing to see how all the characters in this clip, is having such a good time with each other at Robbe’s housewarming party. howyourpassionisbrave said: Okay so now I’m a little confused. The argument is, that they’re not important, just a way to kill off some time, but I do think a lot of interesting things happens at parties, that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Everything in wtFOCK needs to feel authentic, because they want to keep the show as real as possible. Episode 9 was definitely a tough one to get through, because it seemed like the hurt and sadness would never end. For me wtFOCK made me listen to music, that I never envisioned myself listening to just six months ago. BRITT - Lilith Pas. WtFOCK gaat in op geïnternaliseerde homofobie, en brengt het veel explicieter in beeld dan het origineel. David Bowie has a long catalogue of songs, and I don’t know enough of them, to come with my take on why they chose this particular one. Thanks to his sublime performance in the Belgian web series WTFock, he gained popularity among teenagers and became a symbol of following your dreams. Discover (and save!) Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 21 dec 2020 om 15:52. Willem De Schryver is an actor, known for wtFOCK (2018). This is an overview page about the cast of Skam and the international remakes. WtFOCK is een via internet uitgezonden dramareeks, geproduceerd door Sputnik Media en uitgezonden door VIJF en Telenet.De serie bestaat uit losse video's die in realtime worden uitgezonden. Willem Herbots, Actor: wtFOCK. Christophe Maé. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. But I was wrong, because Sander made his first appearance in episode 3, clip 2. aquivere is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. Willem De Schryver, Actor: wtFOCK. Join Facebook to connect with Willem Schryver and others you may know. I am Willem. Oder schau dir andere Profile an und buche Models über modelmanagement.com The melody, the lyrics and the perfect match between them, is what makes the songs memorable. Discover (and save!) Les gens. There is like only 1 interview that he did, and its in text only. Bowie is so versatile, his songs fits every mood - the beautiful and the heartbreaking ones, and I think that’s why wtFOCK picked him in the first place, and because Sander sees some of himself in Bowie as well. - willem de schryver for enfnts terribles. Robbe finally sits down on his bed, showing us that he has made a choice, that he’s ready to do something about him and Sander’s relationship, as he immediately opens his conversation with him. Join Facebook to connect with Willem Herbots and others you may know. If there’s one thing wtFOCK has taught me with their soundtrack it’s that almost every song can sound good in the right situation. I wish that wtFOCK would have given us one clip with Robbe and his mama. Charles du Bus de Warnaffe (Katholieke Partij) 1936 - 1937: August de Schryver (Katholieke Partij) 1937 - 1938: Octave Dierckx (liberaal) 1938 - 1939: Joseph Merlot 1939: Willem Eekelers 1939 - 1940: Albert Devèze (liberaal) 1940 - 1943: Arthur Vanderpoorten (liberaal) 1943 - 1944: August de Schryver (Katholieke Partij) 1944 - 1945: Edmond Ronse Willem Herbots is on Facebook. I will of course try to explain why I have chosen the songs that I have, the thoughts behind it. Well maybe the meaning isn’t hundred percent fitting for this particular clip, but I think that it can be put into a context with Robbe and Sander in terms of how they see the relationship, that they have with each other. Robbe is thinking to himself, who is this boy, and what is he doing to me? See other portfolios and book models on modelmanagement.com. Robbe tosses his phone onto the bed, immediately lowers his head while he’s pulling at his hair to get some of the tension out of his body, to feel something else than the intense emotions running through his body. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Ik weet het. Copeland, Zaterdag 13.13 // “Under Pressure” - Queen feat. I remember October 26th as it was yesterday. Whenever I watch a clip, I don’t just watch it, I feel it too - if that make sense. ROSSO - Ardente 003 KyA3g5 Radio Stations Savior Realty Expert Interviews 2015 NMC Summer Conference Proper Jones Mortales somos y en el camino 2017 배워봅서 관광일본어 - KCTV제주방송. 534 notes. I read a lot, I try to write a lot of scripts, mostly theater, just amateurish stuff. How Robbe navigated in a relationship with Noor, a relationship he didn’t felt comfortable in, but a relationship he was trying to figure out how to work, because he was afraid of what would happen, if he let himself feel what he was actually feeling. Vrijdag 20.54 // “Stars” - VIZE feat. And to have Robbe look at him with wonder, while he was talking about Bowie, must have made the moment even more special. Because Robbe didn’t see Sander’s love for Bowie as an obsession, he only saw the passion and the admiration. David Bowie, Donderdag 21.12 // “Trick R Treat” - Josh A. Episode 6 - Het ging allemaal focking snel. Sander Driesen owns my heart ~semi-hiatus~ 1.5M ratings 277k ratings MARIE - Cassandra Krols . Zaterdag 23.11 // “Fall” - The Bug feat. I read a lot, I try to write a lot of scripts, mostly theater, just amateurish stuff. In that moment, after sending that text to Sander, I think Robbe regretted it, regretted the choice he had made, but those thoughts got quickly replaced by a voice saying that he done the right thing. He lets out a breath while he’s trying to process everything that just happened. I might post and add some extra analysis with some of the songs, that I didn’t include in the first place, so the masterlist will be updated along the way. He looks at the sealing and waits for a few seconds before he walks away. What would Vrijdag 21.03 be without Dance Monkey and In My Mind? It’s important to give a good first impression of the scene that we’re about to watch, and wtFOCK does that with the music, because the choices sometimes feel like a hint. Do you ever look at pictures of Robbe and Sander and just can’t seem to take your eyes away from them? Feel free to comment on my posts and if you have any questions, please just let me know. But even though Robbe is trying to hide his true self, there’s always something, that takes him back. SANDER - Willem De Schryver. i mean, they were so into each other after only having known each other for a day. It almost felt like the song was a sign, that the universe was trying to tell Sander something, that Bowie has with him. While they’re in the supermarket, the instrumental part of the song begins to play in the background, and as Sander is leaning his head back to feel the rhythm, we all know that the song means something special. The first two weeks of season 3 was so different from what I had imagined. This clip came as a surprise, and even thought nothing major happened, it still gave us a look into Robbe and Sander’s relationship. This clip was not just the one where Robbe and Sander hung out for the first time alone, it was also in this clip that Sander revealed his love for David Bowie, and in that same moment the whole fandom instantly became a fan of him as well. Internet Arcade. And from watching wtFOCKDOWN we found out, that Robbe is now living with his mama, and that’s something I wished they would have given more attention to, just to get at sense of how Robbe is doing now, since he doesn’t live at the flat share anymore. Even though the song is about a person being deeply in love with someone else, it’s also a tribute to everything they’re been through together, how they’ve been there for each other in all kinds of situations. I think a lot of people waited for Robbe to make some sort of comment about his mama, a comment that eventually would make Sander take a step back from him and ask for a break. I am 18 years old, I study drama here at KASK in Ghent. But the most memorable moment for me, was the part where Sander is spinning Robbe around on the shopping cart. I know Robbe is the child in their relationship, the roles should be reverse, his mama should be the one to take care of him, but during this period Robbe understood that it wasn’t an option, so he did what he could in the situation. But it’s really a beautiful song, and it fits so well, especially the mood and how it clearly shows in Robbe’s face, the way he walks, the way he behaves throughout the scene. Again, during the dancing-scene, they’re all over each other and let’s not forget the scene where Robbe and Noor is getting intimate in his bedroom. This person needs a photo for this role. Almost every clip left you broken inside, as the pain and grief got to overwhelming, and that made it almost impossible to prevent tears from forming, and this clip was no exception.