The vertical rotisserie was invented in the 19th-century Ottoman Empire, and has inspired similar dishes such as the Arab shawarma, Greek gyros, Canadian donair, and Mexican al pastor.[2][3][4]. It is commonly sold by Turks, and … In fact, all this talk of döner kebabs is enough to make a person hungry, and the famed Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap is open till 2 am. [10], The döner kebab and its derivatives served in a sandwich form as "fast food" came to worldwide prominence in the mid to late 20th century. The döner kebap as it was first served in Berlin contained only meat, onions and a bit of salad. A Canadian variation is "donair". [38] There are over 1,000 currently active restaurants that serve kebab foods[39] in Finland, making one kebab restaurant for every 5,000 people in mainland Finland. Thus, he simply wrapped these ingredients in a kind of bread known as durum, and voila! This Post May Contain Affiliate Links “Döner makes you more beautiful” is the translation to today’s title. Doner kebab (also döner kebab) (UK: / ˈ d ɒ n ər k ɪ ˈ b æ b /, US: / ˈ d oʊ n ər k ɪ ˈ b ɑː b /; Turkish: döner or döner kebap [dœˈneɾ ceˈbap]) is a type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. [41] A typical kebab consists of bread stuffed with döner meat shavings, lettuce, sliced tomato and onions, with a choice of sauce including sauce blanche, a mayo-yogurt sauce. [17][18] By the 1960s, the taco al pastor in Mexico had evolved from the shawarma. [47] This variation served with pita bread has influenced the style of döner kebap in Germany and in other nations. Shesh kebab significato Shish kebab: Traduzione in italiano - Dizionario Inglese . Panino arabo con dürüm kebab. With many world-famous dishes of cultural significance in multiple countries, there’s a lot of lore surrounding the origin of the döner kebab, with multiple individuals and cultures disputing responsibility for its invention. It is usually made with әt (meat, essentially lamb or mutton), but sometimes toyuq (chicken). While kebab has been used in English since the late 17th century, doner/döner kebab is known only from the mid-20th or later. Kebabs are usually served with french fries, often stuffed into the bread itself. Commonly found throughout Europe in any city large enough to have one turkish immigrant. Doner kebab (also döner kebab) (UK: /ˈdɒnər kɪˈbæb/, US: /ˈdoʊnər kɪˈbɑːb/; Turkish: döner or döner kebap [dœˈneɾ ceˈbap]) is a type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. 1. flat pieces of cooked meat such as lamb, served with salad in pitta 2. flat pieces of cooked…: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionary Place on a board and carve into thin slices. Six years later, Nurman came to Berlin to work in the printing business but quickly noticed that there weren’t many substantial options for busy German workers looking to eat lunch on the go. En fait, on dit que c'est à Berlin que le Döner kebab moderne a été inventé. Since the early 1970s, the sandwich or wrap form has become popular around the world as a fast food dish sold by kebab shops, and is often called simply a "kebab". Numerous people have made competing claims to have introduced the dish sometime in the 1960s, and its mass-production in the 1970s. Sicuramente la versione più famosa nel mondo è il Döner Kebab che significa proprio “kebab che gira”, con riferimento all’asse del girarrosto. Kebabs are generally regarded as fast food, often served in late-night restaurants also serving pizza, as well as shopping malls. In Muslim cultures, pork is not commonly used. Geschichte stellt Döner Kebab ein markantes Beispiel [...] dafür dar, wie sich eine ausländische Spezialität, die in ihrer Heimat eher zu den Tellergerichten zählt, dem ausländischen Markt anpasste. The dish is usually served as fast food in a disposable metal tray. Nella cosiddetto döner box, il kebab viene servito insieme a patatine fritte e insalata. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". They are predominantly made of chicken but occasionally beef, and called simply "kebab". In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of ground meat - usually beef, chicken, lamb or mutton, pork, or a mixture - mixed with spices or onions. Un'altra specialità tipica berlinese è il Currywurst. [42][43] Doner kebab is the third most popular fast food in France, next to hamburgers and pizza, with more than 10,000 kebab shops selling about 300 million a year.[41]. Döner kebab (Turki: döner kebap) adalah masakan Turki yang terbuat dari daging.Daging tersebut dapat berupa daging domba, kambing, sapi, atau ayam. It consists of halal-certified doner kebab meat, chips / french fries, and sauces such as chili, garlic and barbecue. Viene indicato anche con il termine greco γύρος (ghiros, con lo stesso significato di döner) o l'arabo shāwarmā (شاورما, derivante dal turco çevirme, "movimento ruotante"). [40][better source needed], Turkish immigrants also brought doner kebab to France, where it became especially popular with the country's large North African population, in the 1980s. Particularly in British English, a döner kebab sandwich may be referred to simply as "a kebab". Questo file è sotto la licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione 2.0 Generico: Tu sei libero: di condividere – di copiare, distribuire e trasmettere quest'opera; di modificare – di adattare l'opera; Alle seguenti condizioni: attribuzione – Devi fornire i crediti appropriati, un collegamento alla licenza e indicare se sono state apportate modifiche. [20], In the English name "doner kebab", the word doner is borrowed from the Turkish döner kebap, with the Turkish letter ö usually anglicized as "o",[21] though "döner kebab" is an alternative spelling in English. Il Kebab è un piatto con una lunga tradizione, portato al successo mondiale dall'abilità commerciale dei turchi, che hanno diffuso ovunque la loro versione del döner kebab.Questo tipo di kebab è in sostanza un rotolo di carne che viene messo in uno spiedo e cotto in verticale mentre gira intorno ad una griglia ("doner" significa per l'appunto "rotante") invece di essere cotto orizzontalmente. Döner Kebab: A Turkish-German Fast Food. STEP 4. Others who claim to have first created the döner include Nevzat Salim, a Turkish man who alleges that he sold the first ones in 1969 in the town of Reutlingen out of a stand operated with his son. [6] According to Yavuz İskenderoğlu, his grandfather İskender Efendi as a child in 1850s Bursa had the idea of roasting the lamb at his father's restaurant vertically rather than horizontally; it was a success, and some years later became known as döner kebap. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Samozřejmě je možné použít i maso kuřecí nebo krůtí. [2] The vertical rotisserie was introduced no later than the mid-19th century. !Carve it up, just like it’s done at the neon-lit kebab shops, then use it to roll up your very own Doner Kebabs or make kebab plates.. Marinated in a heady spice mix before roasting the oven or grilled on the BBQ, this is great food for gatherings. [34], Döner kebab is increasingly becoming popular in Vietnam, mostly because of Vietnamese who used to live in Germany and introduced it to their homeland. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. [7][non-primary source needed] However, he may have been preceded by Hamdi Usta from Kastamonu around 1830. Even orders placed in the Turkish language in Berlin will ask for the hot sauce using the German word "scharf", flagging the hybrid nature of the Berlin style of döner kebap. [46] Over time, it developed into a dish with abundant salad, vegetables, and a selection of sauces to choose from. [44] However, the Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDID) connects the wide popularization of the dish to the stand of Turkish guest worker Kadir Nurman at West Berlin's Zoo Station in 1972, which helped establish the döner kebab sandwich as a fast food option. Homemade Chicken Doner Kebab recipe!! ", "Did Kadir Nurman really invent the doner kebab? [69], A halal snack pack is a dish that originated in Australia. [11] Doner kebab likely arrived in Greece in the 1920s with the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, later transforming into gyros. A delicious, Turkish fast food. [78] In Germany, any döner kebab meat placed onto the rotisserie must be sold the same day. kebab - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Some say that the döner was incepted in Turkey, but the chairman of the Turkish Döner Production in Europe is vehement that the döner was, indeed, invented in Germany. In Greek, it was originally called döner (Greek: ντονέρ) but later came to be known as gyros, from γύρος ("turn"), a calque of the Turkish name. They are highly popular as a late-night snack or quick meal on the go throughout much of Europe, but how did they get here? There are many variations of döner in Turkey: In Azerbaijan, döner kebab (Azerbaijani: dönər), served similarly to the European style of sandwich wrapped in lavaş (flatbread) or in çörәk (bread, including tandoor bread), is one of the most widespread fast foods. In Paris, this variation is called Sandwich grec ("Greek sandwich"). Per i vegetariani il pane pita può essere farcito anche con falafel e halloumi. [2][4][5] The town of Bursa, in modern-day Turkey, is often considered the birthplace of the vertically roasted döner kebab. Some have guidelines specific to döner kebab handling and preparation. Da oltre 14 anni, l'azienda EURA-DÖNER è specializzata nella produzione di prodotti Döner Kebab di alta qualità in tutte le varianti e dimensioni. The toppings include shredded lettuce or cabbage, sliced tomato, and usually a choice of sauces such as Thousand Islands, spicy, and garlic. We find 4 great shaved meats around Charlotte", "Kastamonu'nun ünlü yemek, yiyecek ve içecekleri", "Thank the Ottoman Empire for the taco al pastor", "Three Renowned Turkish Restaurants: Beyti Meat Restaurant", "British Kebab Awards: are these Britain's best kebab shops? [35][36], Döner kebab shops can be found in all cities across Austria. Cette spécialité du Kreuzberg vaut le détour pour une seule chose - c'est là où le Döner kebab tel que nous le connaissons aujourd'hui a été inventé. I modi in cui la carne viene servita sono vari, ma l’aspetto fondamentale che differenzia il vero döner turco dalle varianti europee è l’assenza totale di salse di accompagnamento. Kebabs (often referred to as "Döner") outsell burgers or the traditional Würstel (sausage). Place back on the tray and brown under the grill or with a blowtorch. Typically a cheap food to eat while going from one bar to another at 11 PM. Thus, he simply wrapped these ingredients in a kind of bread known as durum, and voila! A 2007 survey showed that many people consider the döner kebab to be the most characteristic food of Berlin.[48]. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Döner kebab Döner Kebab Tradiční döner kebab se dělí na jehněčí nebo hovězí. Originating in Turkey, they're traditionally made of lamb, although today it's common to find them with a mixture of lamb and beef, or even exclusively beef. Che cosa è kebab? [79], population exchange between Greece and Turkey, "Seeking shawarma? He sold his first döner kebab in West Berlin across from Bahnhof Zoo.